A very special announcement from CEO Bob Bland

On behalf of the entire MNY team, I am so excited to announce the launch of our 501(c)3 non-profit, The Manufacture Foundation.
Built on the past 4 years of effort to create a transformative, equitable ecosystem for New York City's fashion designers, manufacturers, makers and entrepreneurs; we are creating this non-profit to give our most meaningful programs the dedicated support they deserve. 
The Manufacture Foundation's mission is to develop and implement innovative, inclusive programs that allow diverse, underserved urban populations to create and build businesses in apparel, textiles and wearable technology.
How will we do this? Through expanding programs in:

Since 2012, MNY has helped to launch over 100 fashion, manufacturing + wearable tech businesses, creating high quality middle class jobs in underserved neighborhoods like Red Hook & Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Our model has also been an inspiration for like-minded projects throughout the USA and internationally. Until now, all of these programs have been 50% subsidized by our revenue, with occasional support from local and federal government agencies.
Together, we have the opportunity to combine resources through The Manufacture Foundation to take this positive impact to the next level. I'm so inspired by everyone we've met over the past 4 years + know we are on the verge of a transformative revolution in the American fashion industry.
We want everyone involved.
All contributions are appreciated- click below to donate, share the news with friends, or find other ways to get involved!
With gratitude,
Bob Bland
CEO + Founder, Manufacture New York