Mend, Repair & Empower: A Recap of Our Fashion Revolution Day Event

Last Sunday in celebration of Fashion Revolution Day we had Mend, Repair & Empower: an event where participants brought in well loved clothing and learned creative ways to repair it thus reclaiming the power over our clothing’s life cycle. A wide range of women from the expected designers and hobbyists to scientists and professors attended - all coming together for the main purpose of bringing a second life to their old t-shirts, denim and dresses. And we had a great time employing the new techniques!

First Mimi Prober taught us how to bundle dye: using dried flowers to create beautiful and subtle designs through natural dying.

Nica Rabinowitz of Artifact Textiles showed us a few of the techniques they use in their work: needle felting and weaving.

And Adriana Lentrichia of Artifact Textiles showed us ways to rescue our favorite denim pieces: turns out it's a little more complicated than just hand stitching a rip ...but not too complicated to get!


Sorry you missed it? No worries! We're planning on having a monthly "Maker's Monday" open studio at Manufacture New York's Classroom with Mimi Prober and Artifact Textiles. So stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news!


-Katya Moorman