New ZWD Influencers & Idols Series: Bob Bland + David Bowie

Bob Bland rocks David Bowie

Bob Bland rocks David Bowie

We're obviously fans of designer Daniel Silverstein and his commitment to Zero Waste Design. Today he launched a collection of zero waste staples including unisex tanks, tee-shirts, sweatshirts and joggers for the city minded environmentalist.  Made from 100% pre-consumer cutting room waste, the collection keeps fabric from hitting landfills, and (as he states) "you from looking like a basic b!+c#"

As part of this collection, he's started a new series called Influencers and Idols that will feature current Influencers with shirts emblazoned with their idol. An obvious choice to him was our CEO and Founder Bob Bland. She's wearing the custom David Bowie - her idol - which is also available online.

Since we know everyone is feeling David Bowie at the moment we asked Daniel his own thoughts on the musical style icon.

I love his style. Turning his style into my style was an epic experience. I was the only person at Manufacture New York in the 160,000 square foot warehouse blasting Bowie's "Fashion" at full volume and honoring an icon with a Zero Waste tribute!