U.S. Apparel Manufacturing is Back

Statement from MNY CEO Bob Bland

As Stephanie Clifford reports in today’s New York Times, U.S. apparel manufacturing is experiencing a comeback, thanks to the quality and safety advantages offered by domestic firms. 

Nowhere is this turnaround more palpable than in New York City, where Manufacture New York (MNY) has already launched a pilot program to support local designers and apparel manufacturers.

It may surprise some to learn that apparel manufacturing is thriving in New York City, but there is a new generation of designers leading a ‘make it here’ revolution.  What’s happened is that the business community has discovered that a vertically integrated facility can manufacture profitably in the U.S. MNY is committed to working together with local community organizations and city agencies to build a 21st century workforce of apparel and textile producers. We are using the latest technology and skills training to make manufacturing an NYC job creation engine, especially in the fashion sector.

The apparel community is also rejecting the ‘fast fashion’ we’ve seen in recent years in favor of products manufactured in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

We want our clothing lines to say ‘Made in USA,’ and together, we can providing good-paying jobs for designers and manufacturers throughout New York City.

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