Bare Conductive Speaks at MNY

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Last Night, Manufacture New York had the extreme pleasure of welcoming Matt Johnson, one of the brilliant minds from Bare Conductive (and also marked our very first fashion tech workshop!)

Bare Conductive develops and manufactures electrically conductive materials. The idea and concept seems extremely sci-fi and forward thinking--and it is! The company originally began creating conductive body paint, you could put it directly on your skin and  become a living sensor or circuit!  Today, they've transitioned into application with non-human materials. i.e., you don't paint your skin or put the material directly on your body but instead use the paint onto your clothing like screenprinting. People have even taken the materials and printed huge posters!  The limits of those applications seem boundless. 

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Bare Conductive is making a big impression on the maker community. Matt discussed the many ways in which their paints are being used to push the envelope on what kinds of materials can function as electronic devices. From walls that serve as light switches to pianos printed on paper, the breadth of possibility was inspiring to all present.

Check out some of the fantastic projects done so far!