Waterfront of Tomorrow Act: Growing Our NYC Waterfronts


Representative Velázquez announces Waterfront of Tomorrow Act 

The vast Manhattan skyline served as a backdrop as boats quietly sailed by. A group gathered on Pier 6 of Brooklyn Bridge Park as Representative Velázquez introduced the Waterfront of Tomorrow Act.

The Waterfront of Tomorrow Act will establish a state and local grant program to support environmentally sustainable waterfront areas.  This means, supporting grants for parks, but even more so to protect waterfront communities from flooding.  

“Making our ports, piers, and coasts more resilient must be a priority” said Rep. Velázquez.

Protecting waterfront and building shorefront parks is not a new idea, and NYC has 'redecorated' these areas for decades.  But as Tom Fox, co-founder of New York Water Taxi said yesterday, "Federal participation in funding new waterfront parks is the piece of the financial puzzle piece that's been missing."