Get Inside the Vision of Manufacture NY!


Full of anticipation?  So are we!  You (might) all know by now Manufacture NY is a "fashion incubator, co-working space and production facility for independent and emerging designers to streamline their production + grow and strengthen their brand affordably right here in New York City."  You've heard this, right?  

But we've just taken it to a new level.

In partnership with Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp (SBIDC), Made in NYCThe Pratt CenterFashion Center BID and Salmar Properties LLC  (the owners of Liberty View, our flagship location space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn), we are leasing an entire floor comprising of 160,000 sf!  Without standing in the actual space it's hard to grasp the vastness, but it's one floor as big as three football fields!!

We don't plan on keeping all that space for ourselves. We are subdividing the 160,000 sf into 28 high quality industrial spaces.  In areas such as fashion apparel, textiles, accessories, jewelry, furniture and other interiors, beauty, printing, metal work and many others, we will be enabling these companies to grow and scale their business at home in NYC.


MNY FloorPlan.png

Just like us here are Manufacture NY, Salmar Properties, as well as our other partners, are committed to enabling small manufacturers to succeed and strongly supports our Made in USA and Made in New York City vision.  

Job creation, you bet! We estimate over 280 new manufacturing and office jobs will be created, with an average salary of over $41,000 per manufacturing worker (significantly more than the $25,000 average wages for the retail and hospitality industries). 

Our vision is expanding but the core stays the same: To truly build a major, unprecedented manufacturing company in New York City.

Welcome to the future. 

Read FULL proposal here