The Girls are On Top!

Bob and Bryce don their corsets over the skyline.


While temperatures have finally dropped to something bearable, New York's Summer nightlife is reaching it's boiling point! The Manufacture New York team took to the night this Tuesday in order to support Styledefned and Free the Girls in their Bra Drive and Party event. The organizations have teamed up to to help "provide financial freedom to women who were formerly sex trafficked," a mission we can all certainly get behind. The party portion of the event took place at Susanne Bartsch's weekly party On Top of the Standard Hotel. No doubt you've hear steamy rumors about these parties; it's all true, every word. In the cozy (read: handsy) hot tub, on the dancefloor, and overlooking the city lights, Girls of every sort celebrated their freedom and the freedom of women worldwide, along with the excitement of Summer.

Party goers were asked to bring a used bra to donate to the cause. Free the Girls donates these bras to women as starting inventory for their own businesses selling the bras. Why bras? Simple; they're not something people usually donate. For whatever reason, women don't tend to give away their bras when they're done with them, so these women are able to sell them at a higher price point than other more common pre-used items, allowing them to reach financial independence more quickly!

If you're kicking yourself for missing out on all of this, you should be, but it's really not too late to join in. You can still donate to Free the Girls  hereand Susan's party takes place every Tuesday. So, we'll see you next week.