Manufacture New York at the DG Expo

The DG Expo took place at the Pennsylvania Hotel in Manhattan through today, Wednesday, July 23rd. DG prides itself on gathering great fabric and trim suppliers with low minimums and flexible ordering options, and they really deliver. We visited this amazing sourcing event yesterday and found ourselves overwhelmed with the incredible suppliers present. We took particular interest in the many Made in America options we found. Here are a few of our favorites:


Rainbow Leather

Rainbow leather was one of the more impressive displays shown among the vendors at DG. They specialize in leather printing and embossing, and the results really dazzle. This New York State based plant does not tan hide, but they do just about everything else you could think of. If you get excited about cool prints and leather finishes, you will definitely want to check them out.


UCAN Zippers USA

UCAN Zippers offers a wide range of Made in USA zippers, They seem to specialize in luxury G2 and edgy metal zippers. Their minimum order for production is 100 peices.

USA Beading

USA Beading is a wonderful resource for domestic beading and fabric embellishments. They offer beading, laser cutting, trims, embroidery, and ribbon among their many options.