Our Pilot Program is Opening in Garment Center (really soon!)

We want to let you in on our little--actually humungo--secret.  

Things at Manufacture New York have been moving quickly, really quickly.  Our flagship location in Sunset Park, Brooklyn has almost doubled in size from what we had first anticipated: Instead of 20,000 sq ft., we will now be housing our incubator/production facility in 50,000 sq ft.!  Being granted a larger space, naturally means our build out will take a bit longer.  But here at Manufacture NY, we are all about moving things forward and we have a solution for you that will do just that--right now

We are launching a Pilot Program in Manhattan's Garment Center, on 36th St. (between 5th & 6th ave), with an anticipated opening date of August 15th.  The Pilot Program will meet designers needs right now, as it is packed with all the resources necessary to bring creativity and innovation to final product. 

The Garment Center Pilot Program will be fully loaded with shared industrial sewing space, shared classroom space, shared computers with design programs, a sustainable textile library, a small dying lab and screen printing space.  And hopefully, we anticipate having a few jewelry benches including all necessary supplies to assemble jewelry on location. 

The space will be open daily for both fashion co-working, events and classes.  We will also provide desk service at all times where you will be able to receive packages.

Excited? So are we! 

And certainly will be throwing a welcome party, and yes, you better get ready to join us! 


Want to find out more? email press@manufactureny.org


image: wally g