Student's Feedback on Buyer and Pricing Workshop

Over the weekend, Manufacture New York held its very first buying and pricing workshop. Covering buyers, designers, and store owners standpoint from A-Z, the class couldn't have been a greater success!

Below are comments from two students in the class:

“Thank you for teaching this! I've been doing wholesale with stores for over 12 years, and I learned some really great insights today.

Some tips I learned from the class:

- Get to understand other brands the store carries, and ask buyers insightful questions about who they are carrying.

- Offer a broad(er) range of price points for buyers.

- Put as much care into branding as you do to make the clothes.

- I loved Seth's comment about making the poster with sharpie; "How bad do I want this?"

- Perhaps the most helpful - and glaring example of how I've been doing WRONG for the past 12 years. . .I am so guilty of going into stores and 'fake shopping' to meet the buyer. . .Thank you for sharing that we're not fooling anyone, and wasting everyone's time. A genuine connection to a store is the most valuable thing I can cultivate. I left the class feeling empowered and excited about the wholesale. Thank you!!!!!"

- MNY Incubator Designer, Crystalyn of Crystalyn Kae

“Thank you so very much for the class! Literally, it made my trip out to the east coast. I have a really tough time maneuvering through the fashion industry- taking an idea/ thought/ vision and working it practically into the reality of business. 

Highlights of the class:

1. You saw each person in the class as individuals at a different stage in the process, and so made sure you connected with each person. I liked that you wanted to know our background so that you could really help.

2. Walking through the process from setting up the email, to the actual appointment was great. It was taught as if you were actually in the mind at the moment- every little thing that could be worried or questioned about was covered.

3. Made me realize I need to be more aware of other designers/ stores/ lines that are in my price point. I need to be more familiar with the language/ culture.

4. Painting the story of the design process. Show the individuality.

5. Innovation and creativity are free.

I receive good feedback from people who are excited about line, but then it seems I fall short when I'm at the cusp of a PO with a store. Last summer I had one of the top vintage and top surf stores in the country, each wanted to place an order... if I had taken this class prior I know I would have been able to pull through in it. I almost drive myself crazy now thinking I let those orders get away!! Kills me! But thankfully, now I know! I honestly can't see how I could have kept designing if I didn't hear Saba and Seth's advice. Thanks again!

- Meg Sabo, Creator/Designer at Kostoll.


Written by Saba Gray