What is The Job of a Fashion Incubator?


Fashion Incubators have become increasingly popular in the past few years but how effective are they in launching careers and most importantly in teaching designers how to forge businesses that have longevity and growth? Ultimately it's the ability of an incubator to show their successes in answer to the challenge inherent in that question that matters. As I see it, and in fact as I do it at MNY, our job is to teach designers what all successful businesses whose income is driven by creative design, do. The nature of a design driven business is fairly specific. All successful businesses execute certain practices in regards to finances, production, hiring, communication, etc... But those best practices are easily grasped by intelligent people, and once you generate the discipline to do them consistently they self replicate across your entire business. 

The structure of a business that generates it's profits from design is different, and when its from fashion it has an even more distinctive set of rules that it must follow. It's those rules, those best practices that a fashion incubator must instill into it's graduates. It's the parable of the fisherman, our mission must be to teach a designer to design so they can eat for a lifetime. 

Written by Seth Friedermann, MNY's Director of Designer Relations