Tapestry Weaving 3: Advanced

The final class in a three part weaving exploration with Molly George of Ghost and the Goodship. Material cost is included in the ticket price. We will be providing yarn and if you do not already have a loom there is a ticket option to walk away with a locally-sourced loom!

In this class students will create a tapestry project combining techniques learned in Tapestry Weaving I and II and exploring "outside the box" techniques.  Students will learn to create with non-traditional weaving materials.  They will also learn how to add a sense of dimension to tapestry weaving with embroidery, wrapping and knots.  This class is for advanced tapestry weavers who would like guided exploration on creating unique tapestry weavings.

Congratulations! By the end of the three part course you will be a tapestry weaving pro, with an in depth understanding of the medium.