Fashion Revolution Day: Mend, Repair & EMPOWER

Celebrate Fashion Revolution Day with Nica Rabinowitz and Adriana Lentrichia of Artifact Textiles and designer Mimi Prober! 

Bring your old, worn-out, torn, or stained garments. We will learn how to repurpose old clothes and divert textiles from the landfill. The average American household discards 68 pounds of textile waste a year ... Reclaim the power over your clothing's life cycle (and discover how to design/re-design some seriously awesome textiles and garments).

Lets further the discussion surround one of the most wasteful industries in the world, the fashion industry, and mend, repair, and EMPOWER together! 

  • Hide stains with natural flower printing and bundle dyeing techniques
  • Learn about sashiko stitching, needle felting and other visible mending techniques
  • Discover the wonder of quilting, patchwork, and patch making
  • Weave or crochet scraps into entirely new textiles

Tea & Snacks will be provided.